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What are fly-in college programs and do they affect your chances of admissions?

I've heard a bit about fly-in programs that colleges offer, but I'm a bit in the dark about what they are exactly and how you get accepted to one. Are they worth it? Do they actually help you get a better sense of the college and potentially boost your admission chances?

7 months ago

Fly-in programs are initiatives by colleges to host prospective students, often from underrepresented backgrounds, for a visit on campus. During the visit, students typically engage in a range of activities, including campus tours, info sessions, and meetings with faculty and current students. They are designed to give you an authentic glimpse of college life, beyond what you can find in brochures or online.

To get accepted, you'll usually need to apply for a fly-in program through the college's admissions website. The application may include submitting your transcripts, test scores, and essays. Some schools may cover all or part of the travel expenses, which is a great benefit if you would find it financially challenging to visit otherwise.

As for whether they boost your chances of admission, participating in a fly-in program can demonstrate your interest in the college, which admissions officers do consider. They can also be a valuable networking opportunity. For the current admissions cycle, ensure to check each school's application deadlines and program details, as they can change from year to year.

7 months ago

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