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Georgetown Restrictive Early Action: How does it affect other applications?

Hey everyone, I'm a junior starting to narrow down my college list and Georgetown has really caught my eye. They have this Restrictive Early Action and I’m wondering how applying REA to Georgetown will affect my chances of applying to other schools early. Could someone who's been through the process tell me if you're still allowed to apply to state schools or other private schools' non-binding early action while you have a REA application at Georgetown?

7 months ago

Hello! It's good that you're thinking through your early application strategy. Georgetown's Restrictive Early Action (REA) policy does have specific guidelines. While they permit you to apply to any public college/university under a non-binding Early Action plan, they restrict you from applying to any private colleges/universities through Restrictive Early Action or Early Decision programs. Essentially, if you apply to Georgetown through their binding early admissions, you can't apply to any other school with a binding early admissions policy.

Remember though, you can still apply to other schools under their Regular Decision plans.

In general, applying REA to Georgetown manifests a level of commitment to the university, which can bode well for your application. Just ensure that you're also aware of the timelines and requirements for each school you're interested in. The key factors to consider with REA at Georgetown is whether you are ready to present your strongest application by their early deadline, and whether Georgetown is the one for you. Good luck with your decision!

7 months ago

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