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Writing about yourself in essays without bragging?

So, writing about myself is... weird. I want to showcase my accomplishments and growth without coming off as pretentious in my essays. Any tips on striking that balance?

7 months ago

Absolutely, it can indeed be challenging to put forth your best self without seeming self-aggrandizing, but this is all about approach. Consider framing your accomplishments within the context of learning experiences or challenges you've overcome. Incorporate moments of vulnerability where you may have doubted yourself or faced setbacks before your achievements. This not only humanizes you but also shows resilience and growth, characteristics admissions committees love to see.

Another strategy is to focus on your impact on others through your accomplishments. Instead of just stating awards or titles, explain how these led to you mentoring peers, promoting important causes, or initiating change in your community. Doing so shifts the focus from what you've achieved to what you've contributed, which speaks volumes about your character.

Lastly, let others speak for you by including anecdotes or testimonials. Maybe a teacher or peer can offer a quote that you can use to illustrate the significance of your work or character. This allows you to present evidence of your impact in the words of others, reducing the risk of sounding boastful. Remember, your essays should reflect who you are, not just what you've done, so focus on insights and growth that your experiences have spurred in you.

7 months ago

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