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Are there HBCUs that offer robust zoology programs?

Hey everyone, I'm super passionate about wildlife and looking to major in zoology. I've been really interested in attending an HBCU, but I'm having trouble finding information about HBCUs with strong zoology majors. Does anyone know which HBCUs are known for their zoology programs or offer good opportunities in this field? Any guidance would be amazing, thanks!

7 months ago

Hello! I'm delighted to hear about your interest in both zoology and attending an HBCU. While specific program offerings can vary from one institution to another, you are indeed in luck as some HBCUs do offer majors or related programs in the field of zoology. For starters, Howard University, one of the most prominent HBCUs, has a Biology department which offers courses in Zoology and related fields that can provide strong foundational knowledge for wildlife careers.

Additionally, Delaware State University offers a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources with a concentration in Wildlife Management which, while not strictly a ‘zoology’ program, covers many similar topics and could be quite relevant to your passions. Florida A&M University is another HBCU where the Biological Sciences department offers comprehensive coursework that could align with your interest in zoology.

I encourage you to explore these programs further, looking into the course catalog and faculty research interests to gauge how aligned they are with your career aspirations. It would also be beneficial to contact the admissions departments of these HBCUs to discuss your interests and they can provide detailed information on opportunities like internships and research that will enhance your experience in the field. I hope this information propels your search forward!

7 months ago

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