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Is it okay to choose a controversial topic for my college argumentative essay?

Hey everyone, I'm brainstorming topics for my supplemental essays and I have a burning question. I'm passionate about a few hot-button issues and I'm considering writing an argumentative essay on one of them. Do you think colleges appreciate when students tackle controversial subjects, or is it safer to avoid them to not risk offending the admissions committee?

7 months ago

When it comes to writing about contentious issues, it's all about balance and showing your capacity for critical thinking. Colleges do value students who can thoughtfully engage with complex subjects. However, there's a fine line to walk here: the essay should display your ability to consider multiple viewpoints and demonstrate a mature approach to the topic.

Remember, the goal of the essay is to showcase who you are, not just what you believe in. For instance, if you choose a divisive topic like gun control or abortion rights, don’t just present an argument. Instead, reflect on how engaging with this issue has shaped you as a person, influenced your thinking, and perhaps even inspired your educational goals.

Aim to paint a picture of yourself as an empathetic, informed, and respectful individual, regardless of the issue at hand. That said, if there's any doubt that you can handle the subject with the requisite sophistication, it might be wiser to choose a less polarizing topic.

7 months ago

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