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What are some cool club ideas for my school?

My school is super small and doesn't have a lot of clubs. I'm thinking of starting one to show initiative and leadership for my college app, but I want it to be interesting and unique. Anyone got any brainstorm-worthy club ideas that could also be fun and engaging?

7 months ago

What a fantastic way to showcase your leadership skills! Some students decide to start a club based on their interest in environmental sustainability. These clubs often focus on local initiatives, like community clean-ups and school recycling programs, which can spark interest and engagement from the student body.

If you're passionate about a certain cause or interest, try to create a club around that—maybe a Beekeeping Club if you're into environmental causes, or a Coding for Community Service Club if you like tech, where you create simple apps or websites for local non-profits. Unique, passion-driven clubs can really stand out on college applications!

7 months ago

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