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Is it too late to start applying for college early action?

Helloo peeps! Junior here in a bit of a panic... I just realized that there are such things as Early Action deadlines. Is it too late for me to consider applying early action, or should I start prepping now for next year? Can someone break down the timeline I'm looking at if I want to try for EA? Much appreciated!

7 months ago

Hello there! No need to panic—it's absolutely not too late for you to prepare for Early Action (EA) applications. Generally, EA deadlines are in early November of your senior year. With you being a junior now, you have plenty of time to get ready.

Your game plan should include researching colleges to understand their specific EA deadlines, preparing for any standardized tests you need to take or retake, and beginning to draft your personal statement and essays over the summer. Since you're a junior, aim to finalize your college list by the end of the school year. Use the summer to focus on your essays, and by the fall of your senior year, you should be finalizing applications and getting ready to submit.

Keep in mind, some schools also offer Early Decision (ED), which is binding, unlike the non-binding EA. Make sure you understand the difference and commitments associated with each before deciding. You'll also want to keep up with your schoolwork and extracurriculars to maintain a strong academic profile for your senior year, as colleges will look at your full high school transcript.

Stay organized, make a checklist of all application components, and stay on top of deadlines—perhaps consider using a planner or a digital tool like a spreadsheet to track everything. If you need further guidance, make an appointment with your school counselor; they can be an invaluable resource in this process. You've got this!

7 months ago

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