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Anyone know any platforms for scholarships similar to GoingMerry?

Yo guys, so I’ve been on the hunt for scholarships and someone mentioned GoingMerry.com to me. Before I dive in, has anyone used it before and got any thoughts or reviews on it? Plus, are there similar sites that you all have had success with? Just trying to maximize my scholarship applications without getting overwhelmed. Thanks!

7 months ago

Hey there! Yes, GoingMerry is pretty popular and user-friendly, acting as a sort of 'Common App' for scholarships; many students have appreciated its streamlined approach. Another similar platform you might want to check out is Scholarships.com, which has a large database and allows for personalized filtering.

Additionally, don't overlook the College Board's Scholarship Search, which is a reliable resource with a wide range of opportunities. While exploring these sites, remember to manage your time well, and maybe set a goal for a certain number of applications a week. It's all about keeping the process manageable. Best of luck with your search!

7 months ago

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