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How much leverage can cheerleading scholarships give for college admission?

I'm a junior and deeply involved in competitive cheerleading. I'm wondering if my dedication to the sport can help me secure scholarships for college and if being an athlete affects admission decisions positively?

7 months ago

In competitive cheerleading, as in other sports, your commitment can indeed be a significant asset. If you're at a high skill level, cheerleading can offer substantial scholarships at certain institutions, particularly those with strong cheer programs. However, these scholarships are often not full rides and depend on the school's division and funding for the sport. Remember, it's also important to maintain strong academics, as many athletic scholarships have grade requirements.

Regarding admissions, athletes can receive a boost, especially if the college you're targeting actively recruits cheerleaders and prioritizes athletics. Being deeply involved in competitive cheerleading will also highlight your dedication, teamwork skills, and time management abilities, all qualities that admission committees appreciate.

My suggestion is to reach out to college coaches early, compile a highlight reel of your performances, and ensure your academic qualifications align with the schools you're considering. And of course, don't neglect applying for other scholarships where your athletic and academic achievements may be rewarded. Good luck!

7 months ago

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