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When is the SAT Switching to Digital Format?

So, I heard some chatter about the SAT going digital and I'm wondering, does anyone know when this will happen? Will it affect those of us who're planning to take it in the next year or two? Honestly just trying to figure out if I should prep differently.

7 months ago

The College Board announced the SAT will transition to a digital format. For international students, the switch will occur in 2023, and for students in the United States, the change will happen in 2024. So, depending on where you are and when you plan to take the SAT, you might be taking the new digital version.

As for preparation, while the content tested will remain the same, the digital format could impact your testing strategy. Since the digital test is adaptive, your approach to answering questions might change slightly because the difficulty of subsequent questions will be based on your performance.

Additionally, it'll be important to familiarize yourself with the technological aspects, such as how to navigate through questions and use digital tools provided during the test. Practice tests in a digital format will be quite useful.

Rest assured, many test prep resources are likely to update their materials to reflect these changes, so keep an eye out for updated prep books and online resources tailored to the digital SAT format.

7 months ago

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