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Experience with HBCU Football Camps?

So I'm a junior and also an aspiring college football player. I've been thinking about attending an HBCU football camp in 2023 to up my recruiting game. Has anyone here attended one before and can share what it was like or have tips on what coaches look for at these camps?

7 months ago

Here are a few general tips that might help you. Coaches generally look for a few key things: attitude, coachability, and skill level. Make sure you're always responsive to feedback and show a willingness to learn. This camp is as much about demonstrating your character as it is showcasing your athletic abilities. One thing that can really stand out is your interaction with other players; be a team player even though it’s a competitive environment.

Physical skills are definitely important, so capitalize on your strengths, but also work on areas that you know need improvement - coaches like to see potential for growth.

Beyond that, make sure you're punctual, prepared, and express your genuine interest in the program. It's also not a bad idea to research the HBCU programs you're interested in before attending the camp so you can ask informed questions and make meaningful connections. Take this opportunity to network and remember to follow up with the coaches after the camp. Hope this helps, and best of luck to you!

7 months ago

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