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Impact of HBCU Enrollment on College Admissions?

Hey guys, I've been looking at colleges and considering both HBCUs and PWIs. Do you think colleges (especially HBCUs) take notice of a recent increase or decrease in enrollment trends when they make admissions decisions? Would a surge in applicants make it tougher to get in this year?

7 months ago

Hey there! Enrollment trends can certainly affect admissions decisions due to the principle of supply and demand. If an HBCU experiences a significant increase in applications, it can become more competitive because they have the same number of spots to offer but more applicants vying for them.

However, many HBCUs also strive to maintain or expand their student population, so an uptick in applicants might not make it markedly tougher to get in, as they could respond by accepting more students if they have the resources to support a larger student body. It’s important to focus on presenting your best application highlighting your strengths, rather than trying to predict admissions trends.

Also, consider that fluctuations in enrollment may not impact your chances as significantly as your personal qualifications and how well you fit with the school's values and mission.

7 months ago

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