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Best places to volunteer for high school students?

I’ve been wanting to increase my extracurricular activities and I think volunteering could be a great way to do that. What are the best types of places to look into where I can make a real impact and which would also look good for college apps? Any recommendations for types of volunteering experiences high school students have benefited from?

7 months ago

Volunteering is a fantastic way to both contribute to your community and develop your extracurricular profile. To make a real impact and stand out to colleges, seek out opportunities that align with your interests or intended field of study. For example, if you're interested in healthcare, volunteer at a local hospital or senior care center. For those passionate about the environment, participate in local clean-up initiatives or work with conservation groups.

Don't forget that leadership in volunteering can take your experience to the next level; organizing a community service event could be particularly noteworthy. Also, consider looking into nonprofit organizations that may offer long-term volunteer projects which can show commitment and sustained interest.

Lastly, reflect on local issues that resonate with you personally, and think about starting an initiative or project of your own. Colleges appreciate students who take initiative to address real-world problems. Good luck in finding a volunteering opportunity that is meaningful to you!

7 months ago

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