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Is the CSS Profile required for international students too?

Hey, so I’m an international student and I’m hearing a lot about the CSS Profile. Do I need to fill it out as well, or is it just for US residents? What’s the deal with financial aid for international students? Are we at a disadvantage or is the process similar?

7 months ago

Hello there! Yes, the CSS Profile is often required for international students, too, not just for US residents. Most colleges that use the CSS Profile for domestic students also use it for international students to determine their financial need. The process is similar in terms of the information you need to provide about your family's finances, but sometimes international students might face additional forms or documentation requirements depending on the country you're from.

As for financial aid, the situation can be a bit trickier for international students. Not all colleges offer need-based aid to international applicants, and some schools that do are need-aware when making admissions decisions – which means they consider your ability to pay when deciding whether to admit you.

This doesn’t mean you're at a total disadvantage, but it's important to research each institution's policies. Some schools have generous aid policies for international students, while others have very limited funds. Start by looking at the college’s website or reaching out to their financial aid office for the most accurate information. Colleges know navigating financial aid can be complex, so they often have resources or counselors available to help you understand your options. Good luck!

7 months ago

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