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What's the easiest major for pre-med if I want to become a doctor?

Hi everyone, I'm a junior interested in going to med school but I'm also a bit intimidated by some of the tough science majors. What would be the easiest major to take as a pre-med that would still fulfill all my med school requirements and give me a solid foundation but not completely tank my GPA? Also, are there any non-traditional majors you know of that med schools love?

7 months ago

Hello! It's wonderful that you're already thinking about how to best prepare for medical school. When considering a major, remember that medical schools don't require you to major in the sciences, although you will need to complete specific prerequisites. A major that interests you can lead to better performance and a more enjoyable undergraduate experience.

Humanities or social sciences majors, for example, can provide a unique perspective and still allow you to complete all the necessary science courses. Some students find that majoring in English, Psychology, or Public Health, for instance, feels less intense yet still prepares them for the MCAT and med school rigor due to the skills gained in critical thinking and analysis.

Additionally, med schools appreciate candidates who can demonstrate a well-rounded education and an ability to think broadly about issues. If you're passionate about a subject outside the hard sciences, this could actually strengthen your application, as long as you excel in your required science prerequisites.

So, choose a major that genuinely interests you while making sure you're well-prepared for the MCAT and the med school coursework. I advise sitting down with a pre-med advisor at your school once you start college to plan out your course load properly. Best of luck!

7 months ago

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