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What Are Some Strong Persuasive Speech Topics?

Got a big persuasive speech coming up for my English class and I'm drawing a blank. What are some impactful topics you guys have used or heard about that resonate well with high school audiences?

7 months ago

I understand the pressure of choosing a topic that will engage and resonate with your peers. High school is a pivotal time for discussing pressing issues that affect the young population.

Consider hot-button topics that are current and relevant, sparking meaningful conversations among students. Climate change, social media's impact on mental health, and the importance of mental health days in schools are examples that not only have strong persuasive elements but also directly relate to your audience.

For instance, one student I recently worked with delivered a compelling speech on the need for financial literacy to be taught in schools; it struck a chord with many who felt unprepared to manage personal finances post-graduation.

Additionally, speeches about changes in educational policy, such as the debate on standardized testing, tend to hold the interest of high schoolers who are directly affected by these policies. Remember, a strong persuasive speech topic is one that is debatable—where you can clearly pick a side and defend it with facts and emotional appeal. Craft your speech to be both informative and stirring, and you'll surely captivate your classmates. Best of luck on your speech!

7 months ago

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