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Looking for HBCUs with strong Fashion Design programs - any leads?

Anyone here passionate about fashion and thinking about college? I'm trying to find an HBCU with a great Fashion Design major. I'm looking for schools that not only have the major but also provide good networking opportunities, internships, and maybe exposure to industry events. Any tips or experiences shared would be so helpful!

7 months ago

Hello there! I'm thrilled to see your interest in Fashion Design. When it comes to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) that excel in this area, Howard University is a standout. Howard's program isn't just robust academically, but it also offers plenty of practical experience through internships and industry connections, which seems like a perfect fit for what you're seeking. Additionally, consider checking out Clark Atlanta University, which is known for fostering creativity and connecting students to the fashion world.

Remember, though, that when exploring these programs, it's worth reaching out directly to the departments to ask about specific opportunities like internships and participation in fashion weeks or shows. Good luck in your search, and I hope you find the perfect match for your fashion aspirations!

7 months ago

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