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What's the vibe like at Dillard University, and do they offer strong support systems for students?

Hey everyone! I'm doing some research on HBCUs and I've heard some cool things about Dillard University. Can anyone share what the student community is like over there? Also, how good are their academic and mental health support systems for students? Just want to make sure I'll have the resources to thrive academically and personally.

7 months ago

Hello there! My son is a junior at Dillard, and I've been to the campus a few times during parents' weekends and other events. The overall vibe is warm and quite family-oriented, which I think is a highlight of many HBCUs. There's a strong sense of community and pride, and the smaller class sizes contribute to a more personalized academic experience.

As for support systems, Dillard offers a range of resources including the Student Success Center, which provides academic advising, tutoring, and workshops. They have a good track record from what I've seen and my son assures me they've been a big help during his time there. On the mental health front, their Counseling Services offer individual and group counseling, which is a great way to address any personal challenges students might face. I've only heard positive things from my son and the friends he's made there about the support they’ve received.

It's always best, though, to connect directly with the school or current students to get the most accurate picture, but from a parent's perspective, Dillard has provided a nurturing environment for my son to grow both academically and personally.

7 months ago

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