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Do colleges have specific foreign language admission requirements?

Hi all! Currently a junior planning my senior year schedule, and I'm thinking of dropping Spanish BUT I'm worried about college admissions. I've taken 3 years already. Do most colleges require a foreign language, and if so, how many years? Will it hurt my chances if I don't take a 4th year?

7 months ago

Hello! It’s a common question and a wise consideration as you plan your senior year. Generally, the majority of colleges recommend or require a minimum of two years of foreign language study. However, more selective institutions often prefer to see three or even four years, as it demonstrates sustained interest and commitment.

Given that you've already completed three years, you’re in a strong position. But if you are aiming for a particularly selective college, a fourth year could provide a slight edge. It’s also worth considering the balance of your schedule and ensuring you’re not overloading yourself with too many challenging courses.

Colleges value a rigorous senior year, but they also look for balance and the ability to manage your workload effectively. If taking a fourth year of Spanish complements your schedule and interests, it’s a good move. If not, it’s unlikely to substantially hurt your chances, especially since you’ve already met what most consider the minimum requirement.

In deciding, think about the message your entire senior year schedule sends about your academic passions and overall readiness for college-level work. Best of luck!

7 months ago

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