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How does a 4.1 GPA on a weighted scale look to colleges?

So I’ve been stressing out a little because my school does weighted GPAs and I have a 4.1. I know it's good, but I’m wondering how impressive this is to colleges, especially when they recalculate GPAs? Do they see it as much different from a 4.0?

7 months ago

I totally understand the stress you're feeling about your GPA as it's a common concern among students. A 4.1 weighted GPA is typically viewed favorably by colleges as it suggests you've taken a challenging course load and have performed well. It's important to note that colleges often recalculate GPAs to standardize among applicants from different high schools with different weighting systems.

Your GPA is still likely to stand out, particularly if the higher weighting comes from taking advanced courses, like AP or IB classes. For instance, a student with a weighted 4.1 GPA who has taken numerous AP courses would be demonstrating both the ability to handle challenging coursework and the ambition to go beyond the basic curriculum.

However, be mindful that some colleges may focus more on your unweighted GPA to get a sense of your academic performance without the extra points from advanced courses. Either way, a 4.1 is nothing to sneeze at, and as long as you continue to do well and show your strengths in other areas of your application, you'll present yourself as a strong candidate. Keep up the good work!

7 months ago

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