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What’s the reputation and alumni network like at St. Augustine’s University?

I came across St. Augustine’s University during my HBCU search and I’m curious about its reputation, particularly when it comes to its alumni network and job placement after graduation. Does anyone have insights about St. Augustine’s strength in these areas?

7 months ago

St. Augustine's University, like many Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), often fosters a tight-knit community which extends to its alumni network. Such networks can be robust and offer support to graduates in various fields, encouraging mentorship and career opportunities. However, the exact strength and reach can vary greatly and tend to be more concentrated in certain regions or within specific industries where the college has established partnerships or a significant presence of graduates. It's not uncommon for alumni of HBCUs to actively seek to support their fellow graduates, which can be a boon for job placement and networking.

To get specific information about St. Augustine's, I recommend connecting directly with the university's career services department and also checking LinkedIn to see where alumni are employed and in which sectors they are prominent. Engaging with current students and faculty during campus visits or virtual events can also provide insights into how well the university supports students in making those critical post-graduation connections. It's critical when evaluating a college to look into the specifics of the alumni network as it relates to your intended field of study or geographic preference for employment.

7 months ago

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