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Role of Letters of Recommendation?

Could someone explain how important letters of recommendation are? I'm trying to figure out if they're crucial to the application, or just something that could slightly boost my app if they're good.

7 months ago

Letters of recommendation are actually quite important in your college application. They offer a perspective on your character and abilities that grades and test scores can't fully capture. Think of them as your personal advocates in the admissions process; they give a voice to your work ethic, your contributions to the classroom and community, and your personal qualities that make you a good fit for a school. While they might not make or break your application if you're already a very strong candidate, they can definitely tip the scales in your favor if you're borderline.

To ensure they're as effective as possible, be sure to ask teachers who know you well and can speak specifically to your attributes. For example, if a student led a major project in a teacher's class that was particularly innovative or had a significant impact on the school community, a detailed recommendation from that teacher discussing the project and its impact would be very compelling. And remember, a lackluster or generic letter can actually do more harm than good, so choose wisely!

7 months ago

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