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How competitive are the HBCU men's lacrosse teams?

I'm a high school junior and a pretty decent lacrosse player. I've been thinking a lot about playing at the college level and I'm really interested in the opportunities at HBCUs. Does anyone here have experience with or knowledge about the men's lacrosse teams at HBCUs? What's the competition level like, and how do I get more information on getting recruited?

7 months ago

Hey there! The competitiveness of HBCU men's lacrosse teams can vary a lot depending on the school and division they play in. Some HBCU lacrosse teams are fairly new and working on building up their programs, while others have been around longer and may be more competitive.

One of the best ways to gauge the level of competition and get more information is to reach out directly to the college coaches. You can normally find their contact information on the school's athletics website. When reaching out, be sure to include your lacrosse highlights, stats, and any video footage of you playing if you have it.

Also, participating in lacrosse showcases or recruiting events can increase your visibility, and coaches from various programs, including some from HBCUs, often attend these events scouting for talent. Make sure you're also keeping your grades up, as academic performance can be a big part of recruitment!

Lastly, the NCAA Eligibility Center is a crucial step for playing at the collegiate level, so if you haven't registered there yet, it's important to do so. Best of luck as you explore your options with HBCU lacrosse programs!

7 months ago

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