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Exploring HBCU's: Focus on Grambling State University

Hey everyone, I'm currently a high school junior looking into HBCU's and Grambling caught my eye. Does anyone here go to Grambling or know someone who does? I'm trying to understand what life is like on campus, the quality of education, and what makes it stand out from other HBCUs. I'd love to hear personal stories or insights on this!

7 months ago

Hey there! Students at Grambling State University often have quite positive things to say about it. They mention that the sense of community and pride in the school's history is incredibly strong. One standout feature often talked about is the vibrant campus life, especially during homecoming and football season. The events are full of energy, and there's a tight-knit feel among students and faculty.

As far as education goes, students often report that their professors are quite knowledgeable and invested in student success. Small class sizes allow students to get more personalized attention as well. Many are also drawn to Grambling because of its strong alumni network which opens doors for mentorship and career opportunities. Maybe consider a campus visit if you can, it's a great way to get a feel for the atmosphere!

7 months ago

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