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How many HBCU football teams are out there?

So, as a huge football fan and current junior in high school, I'm curious about the presence of football at HBCUs. Does anyone know the number of HBCU football teams? Trying to balance my interest in a strong football culture with my academic goals.

7 months ago

Hey there! I totally get that you're looking to mix your love for football with solid academics. To answer your question, there are over 50 HBCU football teams. They're mainly divided among different athletic conferences like the SWAC (Southwestern Athletic Conference), MEAC (Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference), the CIAA (Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association), and the SIAC (Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference).

Many students find their experiences as student-athletes really rewarding—they report growing not just in their sport, but also academically and socially. Just remember to consider more than just the football program when choosing a college; look at the academics, campus culture, and other opportunities that can enrich your college experience. But having a vibrant football scene can definitely be the cherry on top of a great college choice.

7 months ago

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