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How can I figure out my college GPA on different scales?

Hey guys, super stressed junior here. I'm trying to calculate my college GPA but don't know how different scales affect it. My friends say their colleges use different calculations. Any advice on how to approach this?

7 months ago

Hey there! I completely understand that navigating GPA calculations can be confusing, especially since different colleges can use varying scales. To figure out your GPA on different scales, you’ll want to start by knowing your current GPA on your high school's scale. Then, research the college's specific GPA scale—most colleges have this information available on their admissions or registrar's office webpage.

Remember, a 4.0 scale is common, where an A is typically a 4.0. Some colleges use a +/- system which slightly modifies the value of an A- or a B+. For example, an A might be a 4.0, but an A- could be a 3.7. You will also want to see if the college weighs AP or honors classes differently. After gathering this information, you can use an online GPA calculator where you input your grades and the scale to see your GPA as calculated per that college's system. Hope this helps ease some of the stress!

7 months ago

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