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Does pursuing a double major generally cost more than a single major?

Hi everyone! I’m thinking about double majoring, but I’m on a tight budget. Does anyone know if a double major increases your tuition or other costs at most colleges? Or would it just potentially extend the time to graduate depending on the program?

7 months ago

In most cases, pursuing a double major will not increase your tuition costs per semester, as colleges typically charge tuition based on full-time enrollment rather than by the number of majors. However, you're right that there might be additional costs if a double major extends your time to graduate beyond the standard four years.

Extra semesters or years can add up in tuition, housing, and other living expenses. Where you might see an increase in costs is if your double majors are in very different fields requiring a larger number of credits that can't be overlapped, leading to an extended period of study.

It's also worth noting that some schools have flat tuition rates for a range of credits each semester, so as long as you stay within that credit range, your costs won't change. My advice? Work closely with your academic advisor to plan an efficient course schedule that aligns with both major requirements. This can help you avoid unnecessary additional costs.

7 months ago

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