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SAT/ACT Studying Schedule Advice?

Hello peeps! Starting to feel the pressure to study for the SAT/ACT but I'm not sure how much time I should give myself. For those who've gone through it, how long before the test did you start preparing? Any tips would be appreciated!

7 months ago

Hello there! It's completely understandable to feel some pressure about prepping for these exams, but remember that a structured approach can help alleviate that stress. Typically, giving yourself 3-6 months to study is a prudent plan. This timeline allows you to pace yourself and avoid cramming.

You might want to start with a diagnostic test for each to see where you stand and which test aligns better with your strengths. After this, creating a consistent study schedule is key. Aim for shorter, more frequent study sessions—for example, about an hour each day rather than a few marathon sessions.

Incorporate a mix of content review and practice tests. Finally, make sure to analyze your practice test results to focus your study on areas that need the most improvement. Tools like Khan Academy for SAT practice can be quite helpful and are free of charge! Remember to remain flexible and adjust your study plan as you progress. Best of luck with your preparation!

7 months ago

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