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HBCU Marching Bands —How do they impact campus life?

Hey everyone! I'm super interested in the vibrant culture at HBCUs, especially the marching bands. Can anyone share how being in or just experiencing the marching band can impact your college experience? Looking for some insight on schools with the best energy and performances!

7 months ago

Absolutely! At HBCUs, the marching band is a huge part of the campus vibe. From lively performances at football games to various campus and community events, the energy is always high. Students in the band cultivate a sense of pride and spirit, and even if you're not in the band, you can't help feeling uplifted by their music and presence.

Schools like Southern University and Grambling State are renowned for their bands, and the Bayou Classic's Battle of the Bands is a must-see! Many HBCUs have band programs that are recognized for their high level of showmanship and musical excellence, so if you're looking for an electric atmosphere, you're on the right track considering one of these schools.

7 months ago

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