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Exploring HBCU Volleyball Opportunities for College Apps?

I’m a passionate volleyball player and I’ve heard some HBCUs have amazing teams. How would I go about highlighting my volleyball skills and interest in HBCUs in my college applications?

7 months ago

It's wonderful to hear that you're interested in pursuing volleyball at an HBCU! In your applications, you can showcase your volleyball skills by highlighting them in your extracurricular activities section, including any awards or leadership positions you've held on your team. If you've made significant contributions or improvements to your team, don't hesitate to mention these.

Additionally, in your essays, you might want to reflect on what playing volleyball has taught you and how it has shaped you as a person and team player. To show your genuine interest in HBCUs specifically, research the schools, their teams, and the culture they foster. You can then tailor your essays or interview responses to reflect how you see yourself fitting into and contributing to their unique community.

Remember to focus on both your athletic and academic aspirations. Balancing these aspects will demonstrate that you're a well-rounded candidate who's serious about both your sport and your education at an HBCU.

7 months ago

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