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Are there HBCU accelerated nursing programs?

Hi all! I'm super interested in pursuing a nursing career and would love to attend an HBCU, but I'm also looking to fast-track my education. Do any HBCUs offer accelerated programs for nursing? If so, how competitive are they, and what are the prerequisites?

7 months ago

Hello! It's wonderful to hear about your interest in nursing and your desire to attend an HBCU. Yes, there are HBCUs that offer accelerated nursing programs. For instance, North Carolina Central University has an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) designed for students who already have a bachelor's degree in another field and are looking to transition into nursing.

As for competitiveness, like most nursing programs, the accelerated tracks can be quite competitive due to the high demand. Prerequisites typically include courses in anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and other sciences that ensure you have a good foundation for nursing studies. You would also need a strong GPA from your previous undergraduate degree.

Other HBCUs with similar offerings might have different prerequisites or program structures, so I would recommend looking at the websites of schools you're interested in or reaching out to their admissions offices directly. They can provide the most accurate information about their specific requirements and the competitiveness of their programs. Good luck on your journey to becoming a nurse!

7 months ago

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