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Strong HBCU Engineering Programs?

Hi folks, junior here diving deep into college research and I'm particularly interested in engineering. I've heard HBCUs can provide an empowering environment, so I'm curious – which HBCUs have strong engineering programs? Also, what unique opportunities might they offer that could set them apart from other institutions?

7 months ago

Hi there! Wonderful to hear you're considering HBCUs for your engineering degree. A great place to start is North Carolina A&T State University, known for its robust College of Engineering that often partners with industry leaders, providing excellent internship opportunities. Howard University also boasts a competitive engineering program with a history of producing successful graduates.

As for unique opportunities, many HBCUs offer tight-knit communities with strong alumni networks, which can be incredibly beneficial for mentorship and job placement after graduation. Plus, they often have partnerships with companies that are specifically looking to support and hire graduates of HBCUs.

If you're into research, look for programs that have strong ties to government research agencies — for example, the partnership between Tennessee State University and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Remember to visit campuses if possible, and reach out to current students or faculty to get a firsthand look at what the program offers. Best of luck with your research and applications!

7 months ago

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