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What's HBCU Week Like?

I saw something about HBCU Week and I'm curious if attending would be worthwhile. Has anyone ever been to the events during this week? Like, do you get to meet a lot of reps from different colleges?

Plus, I'm wondering if it's more of an info session vibe or if there are actual activities that would help me understand what life at an HBCU is like!

7 months ago

Hey there! I'm glad to hear you're interested in HBCU Week. It's a fantastic time to explore and get information about historically black colleges and universities. From the experiences of students I've worked with, this week is full of many opportunities. There are typically a variety of events, including college fairs where you can meet with representatives from different HBCUs. They're usually more than happy to answer your questions and provide insight into their institutions.

The vibe can indeed be quite varied; however, it's generally a mix of informational sessions as well as more engaging activities. You could find workshops, panel discussions, student performances, and cultural exhibitions that can give you a taste of the vibrant life on HBCU campuses. Participating can give you a unique perspective on the HBCU experience beyond just academics. I definitely recommend attending if you're considering an HBCU for your higher education, as there's much to learn and enjoy. It can also be a great way to network and potentially gather materials or contacts that could assist you in the admissions process later on.

7 months ago

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