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What are the online program options at Texas HBCUs?

Hey all, I'm doing some research and I'm really interested in the flexibility of online courses. Does anyone know if Texas HBCUs offer comprehensive online programs, especially those that can lead to a bachelor's degree?

7 months ago

Hello! It's wonderful that you're considering the flexibility of online learning options available through HBCUs in Texas. As you navigate your choices, it'll be helpful to look directly at the offerings of each institution.

For example, Prairie View A&M University has some online undergraduate courses, although the full programs might be hybrid or geared more towards graduate degrees and continuing education. Another Texas HBCU, Texas Southern University, offers online bachelor's degree programs in Administration of Justice and General Studies. These programs are designed to accommodate working adults and provide them with avenues to further their education while managing other life commitments.

Additionally, smaller institutions, like Paul Quinn College, may have partnerships with online platforms or other schools to provide online coursework. It's best to check each college's official website or to contact their admissions office for the most current information on their online offerings.

Keep in mind that when looking for an online program, accreditation is key to ensuring that your degree will be respected by potential employers and if you choose to pursue further education. If you find a program of interest, verify its accreditation status and look for any student support services they offer to online students. Best of luck with your educational journey!

7 months ago

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