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What's the student community like at St. Philip's College?

I've been looking into HBCUs and found St. Philip's College. It's a bit different since it's a community college. Does anyone know how the student life and community feel compared to a four-year HBCU?

7 months ago

Hey there! My nephew recently started his journey at St. Philip's College and from what he's told me, the experience seems pretty vibrant for a community college. Since it's a two-year institution, you might not find the same breadth of activities you’d see at a four-year HBCU, but there's definitely a sense of community. Students are engaged in clubs and organizations, and there are cultural events that celebrate the rich heritage of the college.

Perhaps, because it's smaller than typical universities, there's a chance for closer interactions among the student body. Just remember that like any college, the community feel is something you can actively shape by participating in events and creating connections with your fellow students. Still, if you're looking for that traditional HBCU experience with Greek life, large-scale athletics, and the like, you might find St. Philip's a bit different. However, the supportive environment is something my nephew really appreciates, so it could be just the place for you too!

7 months ago

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