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ACT score release schedule: what is the timeline?

Feeling a bit anxious here, does anyone know how long it takes for ACT scores to come out after the test date? I've heard varying things, and just need some clarity to ease my mind.

7 months ago

I completely understand the anxiety around waiting for scores. Typically, the ACT scores are released in two batches. The first batch is often available within two weeks after the test date, where you’ll be able to see your composite score online. This means if you took your exam on a Saturday, you might see scores as early as the second Tuesday after your test date.

The remaining scores and detailed reports (which include your Writing score, if you took that section) usually take a bit longer, often up to six to eight weeks after the test date. If it's been longer than eight weeks and you still haven't received your scores, I recommend contacting ACT directly for support. Remember, while the scores are important, they're just one piece of your overall application. Take a deep breath, you've done the hard work by taking the test.

7 months ago

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