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Pros of joining an honors college program?

Hey there! I'm considering whether or not to apply for honors programs at some of the colleges on my list. What are the real benefits of being in an honors college? Do you get better housing, more one-on-one time with profs, or what? Trying to figure out if it's worth the extra effort to apply.

7 months ago

Hey! Absolutely, there are some great benefits to joining an honors college. Often, there are smaller class sizes that can really make a difference. It's like being in a small, supportive community within the larger university. Students in such programs also generally mention having access to unique research opportunities and special advising that's catered to honors students.

As for housing, many schools do offer specific dorms for honors students which are often newer or have better amenities. It's like a little bonus on top of the academic perks. On top of that, there are often special events, speakers, and workshops only for honors students which can help with networking and learning outside the classroom. The application does take a bit more effort, but from what I've seen, it's totally worth it for many students. You may have a more enriched college experience because of it!

7 months ago

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