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ACT Science Section: What should I study?

I've heard mixed things about the ACT Science section. What exactly does it test, and how can I best prepare for it? Does it require a lot of prior scientific knowledge, or is it more about interpreting data and experiments?

7 months ago

The ACT Science section primarily tests your ability to interpret data, evaluate scientific information, and understand experimental processes. It doesn't focus on recalling specific science facts or detailed prior knowledge in biology, chemistry, or physics.

To prepare effectively, focus on practicing your skills in analyzing graphs, charts, tables, and reading scientific passages. Also, familiarize yourself with scientific terminology and the basics of how experiments are conducted, including variables and controls.

An effective study strategy is to take practice tests and review the types of questions asked. For instance, you may encounter a passage where you'll need to interpret the results of an experiment or use data from a table to answer questions. By doing this, you'll become more adept at quickly analyzing the information presented and applying scientific reasoning to answer the questions correctly.

Although you won't need in-depth knowledge of specific scientific concepts, having a strong foundation in the basics of biology, chemistry, physics, and earth/space sciences can help you feel more comfortable with the material.

7 months ago

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