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How Does a 1320 PSAT Score Stack Up?

Just curious, but I've got a 1320 on my PSAT—is this considered a strong score? Also, how does this translate into an SAT score, generally speaking? Want to gauge where I stand academically.

7 months ago

A 1320 on the PSAT is a commendable score, reflecting your hard work and understanding of the material. Typically, this score would be in the upper percentile of test-takers and is indeed considered strong.

In terms of its relation to the SAT, the conversion isn't perfectly one-to-one—a 1320 on the PSAT might equate to approximately an 1410 on the SAT. For more on PSAT to SAT score conversions, check out this CollegeVine article: https://blog.collegevine.com/psat-to-sat-score-conversion-predict-your-score

It's important to remember that the SAT will have a different scoring curve and may cover more advanced content, so continuous practice and preparation are key to maintaining or improving your score. Many students use their PSAT score as a benchmark and then dedicate time to studying the areas where they want to improve before taking the actual SAT. There are plenty of resources and practice materials available online that can help you tailor your study plan to your individual needs.

7 months ago

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