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What SAT score is considered excellent?

Hey fam, I just got my SAT results and I'm trying to gauge how good they are. Could someone tell me what's typically seen as an 'excellent' score on the SAT? Working out where I stand as I start looking at colleges.

7 months ago

Hey there! An 'excellent' SAT score can vary depending on which colleges you're looking to apply to, but generally, a score above 1500 is considered quite strong. To give you a benchmark, the top 25th percentile of SAT takers score above approximately 1200, with scores above 1400 placing you in a competitive position for many selective institutions.

If you're aiming for Ivy League or similarly elite schools, you'll likely want to be in the 1500-1600 range, as their 75th percentile scores tend to hover around there. Remember, these are just guidelines, and a lower score doesn't necessarily rule out your ability to get into a good college, especially if other parts of your application are strong.

Ultimately, examine the average SAT scores of admitted students for the specific colleges you're interested in, and see how your score compares. You can typically find this information on the college's admissions webpage or through their common data set. Best of luck with your college search!

7 months ago

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