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How much does an 'A' differ from an 'A+' in college admissions?

Quick question: Is there a big difference between an 'A' and an 'A+' in the eyes of a college admissions officer? Like do colleges even differentiate between the two when it comes to GPA calculations?

7 months ago

In college admissions, the distinction between an 'A' and an 'A+' is typically minimal. Most colleges recalculate your GPA according to their own scale and often consolidate both 'A' and 'A+' grades into a single 4.0 grade point value for unweighted GPAs. The notable exception can occur if your high school provides weighted GPAs and distinguishes an 'A+' with a higher weight than an 'A,' which could then marginally increase your overall weighted GPA.

However, when admissions officers review transcripts, they do look for a pattern of excellence. Continuous 'A+' grades could be seen as a mark of consistent high achievement, but one 'A+' versus an 'A' in the grand scheme of things won't make or break an application.

It's far more important to maintain a strong overall GPA and take challenging courses that show academic rigor. In these respects, both 'A's and 'A+'s demonstrate high academic performance that colleges look for, so I wouldn't stress too much over striving for an 'A+' in every class if it comes at the cost of your well-being or ability to engage in meaningful extracurricular activities.

7 months ago

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