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Are there upcoming HBCU college festivals or fairs to attend?

I'm really interested in attending an HBCU and want to learn more. Anyone aware of upcoming HBCU college festivals or fairs, especially any virtual ones?

7 months ago

Hey there! I totally get your interest in HBCUs—they offer a great collegiate experience. The best place to find information about HBCU college fairs is often through the HBCU's own websites or social media channels. Many HBCUs have been expanding their virtual offerings, including virtual tours and events due to the pandemic, which has actually made them more accessible than ever.

'The HBCU Week Foundation's Virtual College Fair' is a fair with a lot of great information that may connect you with several HBCUs. Keep an eye out for their next event! Also, the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) holds virtual college fairs, and HBCUs are often well represented there.

Another one to check out is the Common Black College Application's Virtual College Fair; they have had several HBCUs participate in the past. Lastly, your high school's college counseling office may have a list of upcoming fairs—so don’t forget to ask them! Best of luck in your search, it's a journey well worth it!

7 months ago

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