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How can I find out about the top dance teams at HBCUs?

I'm a dancer and would love to continue in college, preferably at an HBCU. What are some of the top dance teams, and what should I look for in their programs when I'm applying to schools? Would love to hear any first-hand experiences!

7 months ago

Your best bet is to start by visiting college websites for information on their dance programs and teams, as they'll often highlight achievements and offer contact information to get in touch with coaches or directors. Social media is also a great resource; many teams have Instagram or YouTube channels where they showcase routines and competitions.

When it comes to evaluating programs, consider the style of dance that interests you, the team's competitive record, and opportunities for growth and scholarships. If you can, try to attend college fairs or open houses where these teams perform or have representatives to speak with.

Lastly, don't hesitate to reach out directly to the teams. They can give you insider info on auditions, team culture, and what they look for in dancers. Happy hunting!

7 months ago

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