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What are 'interdisciplinary studies' in college?

I came across the term 'interdisciplinary studies' while looking at college majors, and I’m kind of intrigued. Could someone explain what it really involves and maybe share if it's worth pursuing?

7 months ago

Hey there! 'Interdisciplinary studies' is a fantastic college major for students who have wide-ranging interests and don't want to be confined to one field of study. It essentially allows you to blend courses from different departments to tailor a program that matches your unique interests and career goals. For example, you could combine psychology, biology, and education courses if you're interested in the mental and educational development of children.

Is it worth pursuing? Absolutely, if it aligns with your passions and career aspirations. Interdisciplinary studies graduates are valued for their ability to think critically across disciplines and bring diverse perspectives to complex problems. In a world where innovation often happens at the intersection of different fields, this can be a real plus.

Additionally, if you're considering graduate school, an interdisciplinary background could make you an interesting candidate for a variety of programs. Just ensure you have a clear rationale for your chosen course mix and how it supports your goals. If you have a career counselor or advisor available at your school, they can help you structure your studies effectively. Best of luck exploring your academic interests!

7 months ago

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