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Is a 1220 PSAT score solid for top college admissions?

I got a 1220 on my PSAT and I'm aiming for some of the more selective colleges. Is this a score that'll help me stand out, or do I need to bump up my SAT prep?

7 months ago

A 1220 on the PSAT is a good starting point, especially considering that the PSAT is a preliminary test and not the one that colleges will ultimately look at. However, for the most selective colleges, you're going to want to aim higher on the SAT. These colleges typically see a large portion of applicants with top percentile scores. For perspective, a 1220 PSAT score converts to about a 1320 on the SAT, which is below the median for top-tier schools.

It's great that you're looking ahead and preparing early. This will give you ample time to study and improve your score. Consider an intensive SAT prep schedule that includes practice tests and maybe even tutoring if that's an option for you. The most important thing is to not get discouraged. You have time to improve before you need to take the actual SAT, and many students see their scores increase significantly with dedicated study.

7 months ago

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