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What exactly does 'prospective student' mean in admissions?

I keep seeing 'prospective student' all over college websites. Can someone break down what this actually means? Like, at what point do you go from just a high school student to a 'prospective student'?

7 months ago

Hey there! The term 'prospective student' is a pretty broad label that colleges use to describe someone who is considering attending their institution in the future. It can refer to high school students, transfer students, or even adults thinking about going back to school.

You're typically considered a prospective student from the point when you start researching and gathering information about a college, whether it's through visiting their website, attending a college fair, or reaching out to their admissions office. Some colleges also have formal programs or mailing lists you can join to receive more information, which would also make you a 'prospective student' in their eyes.

So, in essence, if you're actively exploring what a college has to offer and considering it as an option for your education, you're already a prospective student!

7 months ago

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