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What's a solid ACT Writing score that colleges might look for?

Hey guys, I'm a little stressed with all this admissions stuff. For schools that still look at it, what ACT Writing score should I be aiming for? Like, what's generally regarded as 'good' by colleges?

7 months ago

When assessing a 'good' ACT Writing score, aiming for at least a 8 out of 12 is a solid benchmark. This score places you comfortably above average, as the national average typically hovers around a 6 or 7. However, for more selective institutions, you might want to shoot for a score of 9 or 10 to be competitive.

Even though it's not the most crucial part of your ACT score, a higher writing score can still positively impact your application, especially if you're applying to colleges that require or recommend the Writing section. Remember that the Writing score doesn't impact your composite ACT score; it's reported separately.

Admissions officers use it as an additional data point to assess your writing and reasoning skills. Keep in mind, thorough preparation and understanding of the ACT Writing prompts is essential to doing well on this section.

7 months ago

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