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What's the dress code for a college campus tour?

So I've got a few college tours lined up and I'm wondering, what's the deal with dressing for them? Should I be going business casual, or is something more relaxed acceptable? I want to make a good impression but also be comfortable.

7 months ago

Hi there! Overall, comfort is definitely key. You'll be doing a good amount of walking, often in various weather conditions, so you want to dress appropriately for that. Business casual is not necessary unless it's indicated by the college for a special event during the tour.

Usually, something neat and casual is perfectly fine. Think of it as how you might dress for a casual day at school. You're there to learn and get a feel for the campus, not for a job interview. Don't forget comfortable shoes—campuses can be large, and you might be on your feet for a while. Lastly, check the weather forecast on the day of your tour and layer accordingly; a lightweight jacket can be a lifesaver. Enjoy your tours; it's such an exciting time!

7 months ago

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