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What ACT score should I be aiming for to get into a good college?

Hey everyone, I'm in my junior year and starting to think about my ACT. I'm aiming for some pretty competitive schools, but I'm not sure what score range is considered good. Can anyone give me some insight into what ACT score I should be aiming for to be a strong candidate?

7 months ago

While 'good' is subjective, aiming for a score in the top 25th percentile of the schools you're considering will make you competitive. For most top-tier schools, that's typically a score of 30 or higher. For instance, at universities like Northwestern or Vanderbilt, the middle 50% of accepted students score between 33 and 35.

It's crucial to research the specific schools you're interested in. Their admissions websites often publish the range of ACT scores for the latest incoming class. Keep in mind that while your ACT score is an important component, it's not the only factor in admissions decisions. A strong score can make your application more compelling, but it should be supplemented with rigorous coursework, excellent grades, and substantial extracurricular involvement.

7 months ago

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