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How competitive are 7-year BS/MD programs?

Hello everyone! I'm super interested in applying to 7-year BS/MD programs, but I heard they're incredibly competitive.

Does anyone know what the acceptance rates for these programs typically look like, or have experiences to share? Any tips for standing out in the application process would be really appreciated too!

7 months ago

7-year BS/MD programs are indeed highly competitive, with acceptance rates often lower than those of top-tier universities – frequently in the single digits. To stand out, you must demonstrate exceptional academic achievement, particularly in the sciences, and a deep, sustained commitment to the field of medicine. This can be showcased through research projects, internships, or consistent volunteer work in medical settings. Strong letters of recommendation from science teachers or medical professionals who can vouch for your passion and aptitude in the field are also critical. Strive to build a cohesive application that highlights your dedication to becoming a physician through every component, from your personal statement to your extracurriculars.

7 months ago

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